Re: Homebrew scope

Bert Haskins

On 10/1/2014 5:35 AM, Mark Wendt [TekScopes] wrote:
On 09/30/2014 09:11 PM, Manfred Mornhinweg [TekScopes]
Dear all,

what did you do before you got your first Tek scope? How did you get by in life?
How could you even survive?
I've built several, two from scratch, and some that were almost totally reworked heathkits.
Things are much easier if you start with a low deflection voltage CRT like a 3WP1.

Most of the "cheepy" scopes got their high voltage from a winding on the power transformer
and this is just so bad on so many levels.
I had some very good "dumb" luck in adapting flybacks from small TVs for this purpose.

My first real scope was a Raytheon (Cosser) 50MHZ portable which is still working well today.
My first good Tek, I don't put 2213/15(s) in that spot, was a 465M which I now have too many of.
As a side to Mark Wendt, did you work with any "M"s in the AF?

Like many others on this list I'm now trying to "thin the herd".


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