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Welcome to TekScopes. If you're a new member, please introduce yourself to the group. Tell us your interests. Regale us with your Tek stories and collection.

Please edit replies to the list to reduce quoted material only to that required for continuity.

PLEASE do not send personal replies to the list. As replies go to the list by default, modify the recipient address when necessary.

If you are having difficulty with the Yahoo site, please try a different or more recent browser. Also, changes to your email address or settings are your responsibility. We realize the Yahoogroups interface may not be the most intuitive thing on the planet, but we're sure you can figure it out. There are too many variables, given different browsers & OSes, for us to offer assistance.

Those congesting the list with with personal email or excess quoting may have posting rights revoked. Only by following these simple rules will we have a "clean" archive. They also reduce inbox clutter, make digests much nicer to read, improve searches, and reduce the chance of having old messages deleted.

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