Re: Scope probe recommendations


This is a good point and often overlooked with high impedance passive probes.
The bandwidth of the probe is specified assuming a 25 ohm source impedance from
a terminated 50 ohm test fixture which is not realistic in most cases. Passive
probe bandwidth will be limited by capacitance at the probe tip and the source
impedance no matter what the bandwidth specification says.

I wish there were low impedance passive probes like this available
inexpensively. Tektronix recommended the P6056 (x10 500 ohms) and P6057 (x100
5000 ohms) but they are not all that common and are often expensive even used.

PMK makes some but I have no idea where to buy them and they are not

On Thu, 18 Sep 2014 16:39:07 +0100, you wrote:

The best mix is a normal probe with some 100 to 150 MHz banfdwidth and
10:1 or 1.1
and a midrange RF probe with 5K or 500 Ohms for the region up to the
limits of your scope.

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