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My oscilloscope is a Tek 2465, I currently have a Tek 6139a probe but could use another probe.
The Tektronix 1984 and 1985 catalogs recommend the P6131 probe (10x 300 MHz
readout) and none of the switchable 1x/10x probes for the 2465. The 1989
catalog recommends the P6131 (10x 300 MHz readout), P6136 (10x 350 MHz readout),
and P6137 (10x 400 MHz readout). These may be found on Ebay at about the same
price as new Texas probes.

One that has the 1x and 10x switch. I am fairly new to using an oscilloscope and have been using it for my boat anchor and microphone repair.
I prefer separate 1x and 10x probes because except for Probe Master, none that I
have found have readout support and it is just less expensive that way.

Does anybody know of an alternative to Probe Master for new switchable probes
that have readout support?

I am confused on the probe MHz rating. Should this match the MHz rating of the oscilloscope? In my case 300 MHz?
Slower probes will work but limit the bandwidth.

Oscilloscopes with frequency response above 100 MHz may rely on the probe for
transient response calibration. In order for third party replacement probes to
support this, they need transient response adjustments which are separate from
the compensation adjustment.

Are aftermarket probes as good quality wise as the Tek?
I have had good results with AideTek P6100 100 MHz 1x/10x probes which are very
inexpensive and Texas TX5125R 250 MHz 10x probes on my 300 MHz Tektronix 2440.
Many of the Texas probes have readout support. These can be found on Ebay.

I hear PMK and TESTEC are good:;L=1

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