Re: Scope probe recommendations

Ted Rook

What are you using it for? It makes a big difference. For audio work you don't even need a
probe, use a piece of wire! If you are doing audio why not get a generic 1x - 10x inexpensive
probe, you'll be fine!


On 18 Sep 2014 at 5:34, [TekScopes] wrote:

My oscilloscope is a Tek 2465, I currently have a Tek 6139a probe
but could use another probe.
One that has the 1x and 10x switch. I am fairly new to using an
oscilloscope and have been using it
for my boat anchor and microphone repair. I am confused on the probe
MHz rating. Should this
match the MHz rating of the oscilloscope? In my case 300 MHz? Are
aftermarket probes as good
quality wise as the Tek? Thanks for your suggestions. David

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