Re: Scope probe recommendations



I think, it is wise to use the right probe for the right purpose.
Do not think about probes without looking to the probe impedance over
frequency chart.

Otherwise you should think about an active probe with low capacitance.
But this limits by far your signal swing to some volts.

The best mix is a normal probe with some 100 to 150 MHz banfdwidth and
10:1 or 1.1
and a midrange RF probe with 5K or 500 Ohms for the region up to the
limits of your

And do not forget to calibrate your probe for the frequency compensation
to the input
capacitance of YOUR scope !


Am 18-09-2014 13:34, schrieb [TekScopes]:

My oscilloscope is a Tek 2465, I currently have a Tek 6139a probe but
could use another probe. One that has the 1x and 10x switch. I am
fairly new to using an oscilloscope and have been using it for my boat
anchor and microphone repair. I am confused on the probe MHz rating.
Should this match the MHz rating of the oscilloscope? In my case 300
MHz? Are aftermarket probes as good quality wise as the Tek? Thanks
for your suggestions. David

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