Re: 370A floppy drive?


I have occasionally had this problem with some drives and some diskettes
although it may be difficult to distinguish from bad drives and bad media.

The issue is not the track size written by a 1.44M drive although that can be
problematical as well. The issue is that the coercivity of the 1.44M media is
higher so the 720K drive may have problems writing to it including producing a
narrow or partially written track.

Using a 1.2M diskette in a 360K drive almost always failed in my experience.

On Mon, 8 Sep 2014 14:40:40 -0700, you wrote:


Never found this to be a problem, because after placing the tape over the hole, the disk is formatted in the 370 drive at the larger tracksize.

First step is always format in the 370. After the 720K format there are no narrow tracks.


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