Re: Tek 310 HV transformer


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I like the amber Kapton tape which is used for masking printed circuit boards
during reflow and wave soldering operations. It is a little expensive but
can often be found now in electronics stores.
Not here... But sure Kapton is a good material for this.

The best self-adhesive tape for transformers that I can buy here is yellow Mylar
tape, the same kind that is used in most transformers in consumer equipment, but
even that is unreasonably expensive here, so I don't use it.
The Kapton tape for solder masking has some kind of silicon (?) adhesive which
works well at high temperature and does not dry out or leave a residue behind.
In production we used it to hold assemblies together while baking them.

I suspect this kind of tape would be overkill for a transformer but maybe that
is a good thing in this case.

There is also a cheaper bright blue tape that is more flexible but I do not
remember what it is made of.
I haven't seen that for sale, but I have seen it in commercially made
transformers. I guess it's mylar too.
It seems likely from what I remember. It was just more stretchable then I
typically associate with Mylar which may be an advantage over the Kapton tape in
transformer applications.

We got it as a less expensive replacement for the Kapton tape but I did not like
it as much.

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