Re: Tek warning


Yes the higher the AC the more lethal. With a 120VAC shock sometimes you
can be rescesitated but with 220 or above it fries the heart muscle and that
is it. When I worked for Siemens a guy (a senior tech at that) was working
underneath a LINAC under test and he pulled himself up on the 440VAC 3 phase
buss - instant death. I got shocked once off of a 28Kv third anode on a TV
I was working on. I could here the high voltage leaking and hissing. I
used an insulated screwdriver to find the leak and I did - my reflexive
reaction was to jump back so fast I hit my head on the wall and knocked
myself unconscious - my parents thought I was dead :-) Many times I have
received worse injury from the reflexise recoil from the shock. I have at
this for over 40 years now and I have a very deep respect for electricity.
Europe likes the 220 and up mains voltage because the disrtibution system is
cheaper (smaller gauge wires and smaller circuit breakers). The 230V makes
it handy to grab one leg to ground to run 115V~ for those travel adapters we
Americians need to run our electronics overseas.

I am a Line6 warranty station, which are all solid state, and they have very
strong warnings about the lethality of the mains voltages.

I have a Pomona high voltage probe that will measure up to 40Kv. I rarely
use it.

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