Re: Chinese ferrite beads


Thank you for replies. I have ordered some ferrite beads from Ebay as well I ordered precision cap/inductance meter LC100A. It has very good right ups on the net. It allows zeroing; very handy when building the fixture and it will let me asses ferrite beads.

I had a look at Heathkit curve tracer schematic. If this will work with 7CT1N it would great. Zeroing out parasitic capacitance from leads and in fact from whole fixture will be handy too.

Anyone successfully removed looping from 7CT1N curve tracer using Heathkit method or in fact any other method?? I would really appreciate some input before I dive in.

On another matter; I have Tek 577 D1 with 177 fixture on its way. Apparently it doesn't work. It displays a wiggle line with beam finder. I am sure I am going to have a few odd questions soon......,..

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