Chinese ferrite beads


Hi to everyone, my name is Henryk Majewski from Australia. I joined Tekscope a few days ago.
I have 7Ct1N plug-in. I build adapter some time ago and it works fine except for some transistors and some settings where there is a lot of looping. I read through all posts mentioning 7CT1N and learned the solution is to use ferrite beads. I downloaded Magnus Tolle instruction PDF too. I like ZIF adapter solution I will implement this in my new design.

Now the question; anyone used ferrite bids from Chinese suppliers from Ebay?

I know some of their product could be fake or overrated but I don't discount them totally. Recently I bought some very cheap IRFZ44N and after testing, I learned they they have very low threshold voltage suitable for logic level applications, then the other day I bought supposedly logic level FQP30N06Ll and they where totally out spec.
Thanks in advance

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