576 Beta model curve tracer


I was just given a 576 Beta model. It started out having no step
generator but after some tedious cleaning and other sadly needed
maintenance it started working. The problem that I need help with
is the linkage for the "max peak volts" and "series resistor"
control is disintegrating (it looks like Delrin) and thoughts about
finding a replacement or maybe even having a machinist duplicate the
parts in aluminum or maybe even Lexan. I would imagine that these
parts are rarer than hens teeth but it's worth a try anyway. I was
given three test beds and the interlock with is as well. Nice
bright trace, digital displays work well. Amusingly, they swapped
the intensity controls for the readout and the graticle. They also
an additional 2 unidentified knobe on the plug in - I posted some
photos for the curious.

Thanks in advance for any help.

Gary Allsebrook

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