dead 2440


I just picked up a known dead 2440 pretty cheap. It's mechanically
clean, so I figured I'd give it a shot. I've not even pulled the cover
yet, so no inspection of internals.

I figured I'd post a note here with a photo of the failure just in case
it's been seen before and I can get advice about where to look first.
The picture is here.

The failure mode is a barrel shaped spot two divisions wide and four
tall centered on the screen at what seems to be max intensity. The panel
is completely unresponsive, including the intensity control.

I'd appreciate any constructive advice offered.

Failing any enlightenment from here I'll pull the cover and start a
visual inspection followed by a probe of operating voltages. It looks
like I have HV and sweep, but no micro control.

I pulled much of the manual off KO4BB's site (thanks yet again Didier!)
but no schematics. Kurt's Tektronix wiki has something with schematics
that should help. I still need to check serial numbers, though. I'm
guessing Artek will have their usual high quality scan, but I'm not far
enough along to justify that investment.

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Southlake, TX 76092 (Near DFW Airport)

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