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The 576 CRT is unique to that instrument. There is a new one on ebay for only $499....You can buy a complete 576 for less, if lucky, with a good CRT.

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On Tue, 27 May 2014, 'Craig Sawyers' [TekScopes] wrote:

Isn't it the same CRT as used in 5103N scope? I don't have service manual on
hand at the moment so could not check but I have a strong suspicion it is
the same one...

The reason I'm asking is I'm going to part out a 5103N taking space on a
shelf for many years. I'm at work right now so can not look at that CRT to
check its part #, will be able to do that later tonight when I'm back home.
The scope itself is non-working and I don't want to spend time on fixing it
because I have no use for it but CRT is fine. I don't have any use for it so
I could've have sent it to you had it been the right one.

You can check 5103N manual for CRT part # and tell me if it is the right
one before I could get a chance to pull it out and check it myself.

Best regards,

Hi Gang:

I am seeking a CRT, 154-0563-XX, labeled T5760-XX-X, for a 576 curve tracer.
If anyone has one to sell, or trade for Tek equipment, or knows of a source,
please contact me at or drop me a note off line. I
have refurbished 465, 468, 475, 475A and 485 scopes as trading material.

Reed Dickinson

I don't have one to trade, but it might be helpful to other to know where on
the planet you are.


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