Re: Tek 2215A


On 4/10/2014 11:46 PM, David wrote:
On Thu, 10 Apr 2014 22:20:10 -0400, you wrote:

>On 4/10/2014 9:37 PM, Ali Santoso wrote:
>> Hi Chris, David,
>> thanks for you guide, last night i try david suggestion on how the
>> and mode but i still can't get stable waveform
>> here is the link of the switch and mode that i made.
>> it is correct?
>> regards,
>> ali
>Your trigger on the Rigol is in AUTO in the picture at the
>link you gave. You DO NOT want it in AUTO on the Tek 2215.

What is wrong with using AUTO mode on the 2215A?
You answered your own question. See below.

As a practical matter both NORM and AUTO mode should work but the later
makes it
easier to adjust the trigger level.
"but the later makes it easier to adjust the trigger level."

On auto it will trigger at the wrong time with the trigger level
set incorrectly, giving him the symptom he's got, even if the scope
is working 100% correctly. If he uses auto trigger, he could be
troubleshooting a non existent problem.


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