Re: 7854 ROM, again ..

Mark Huffstutter

Could You give me an idea of shipping to Seattle, WA?
the 98115 area code.

Thank You,


The 7854 and ROM issue. I have no more time or
interest in this
instrument. I installed the Penti ROM set and
wiring per Dave, and it will
now get past the ROM failure,
apparently, and stall on the RTC test
failure, and not get past
So, before I put this non-functional 7854 up on Ebay,
probably parted out,
I am offering it complete with the
waverform calculator to the Group. S/N
is B010126, no plugins,
very little apparent use, the CRT HV lead has
virtually no
black dust accumulated on it. A little surface dirt from
of storage though. Comes with the Penti ROM installed and the
original MOSTEK set as well. Looking for $150 + shipping. PM for a
shipping quote.

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