Re: OT: X-band doppler water leak detection

Dave Daniel

In my experience, the PEX pipe used in in-floor hydronic heating systems is intimately close to the special concrete in which the pipe is embedded. I would guess that there is little or no turbulence associated with the leak, which means that detection by acoustic means won't work.

The thermal imager idea is a good one. One possible source of a good thermal imager is your local fire district - if you can convince them to lend you a firefighter and their imager, you may be able to locate the leak. The floor covering would probably have to be something that conducts heat well, though - if the floor is carpeted, thermal imaging probably wouldn't work.


On 2/21/2014 6:49 PM, KeepIt SimpleStupid wrote:

All I can offer is the existance of GPR or Ground Pentrating Radar.  See:  I would suppose that those services could be purchased.  Aparently, from what I read the harder part is interpretation of the data collected.

Ferrofluid -  I have no idea.

Thermal imager and hot or cold water.

Just ideas.

So, does anyone have any info, knowledge, or experience in this, or is there a better way? I know that there are ultrasonic leak detectors for gases, so I could rig up the loop to be tested with air instead, but then the ultrasonic emissions would have to be detected through layers of wood either way.

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