Re: Epoxy HV Transformer Question

Morris Odell

I have a 556 too and hate to have to tell you, but it had the problem. It showed up on the lower beam transformer as that's the one that supplies the PDA and has a higher power load, but I had them both rewound. If you're going to do major surgery like that you might as well do them both at the same time. The HVPSs are sandwiched in difficult positions at the back of the scope on either side and require a prolonged effort and much profanity before the job is done. The transformer rewinds were a new experience for me and my transformer winding mate, and in order to avoid madness and repeated assembly and disassembly for testing it was necessary to build up a test jig with a copy oscillator circuit and loads. It works nicely now but as Stan says in his book, is probably more scopeage than most people need.

Lots of fun!

Good luck,


Posted by: "Cliff White" kf5iyl
Date: Mon Feb 17, 2014 5:33 pm ((PST))

I'm the proud new owner of a 556, which as I understand also has the
epoxy transformers. And not one, but two! As of now, it doesn't have the
"disease." I hope it never gets it.

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