Re: Nuvistor type 8058 + New tube tester

John Miles <jmiles@...>

What a hideous design - especially the "basic"
version! It's
not portable, it undoubtledly has safety deficiencies as you note, it's
incredibly ugly, and worst of all it requires mutilating a
classic piece
vintage test equipment.

That's a pretty neat hack, actually. He claims it does not permanently
damage the Cardmatic (which I seriously doubt lives up to contemporary UL or
CE safety standards even without a large metal box wired to it).

Personally, I'd be tempted to build a self-contained unit with its own bank
of sockets using high-voltage IGBTs or a similar technology to do the
switching, but for his purposes and those of his customers it sounds like he
has arrived at a good working solution.

Maybe someday Ralph Nader's successors will manage to bubble-wrap the world,
perhaps with help from some of the others in this thread. I hope I've
already electrocuted myself by then.

-- john KE5FX

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