Re: Tektronix C-50, 51, 52 and 53 camera manual

Don Black <donald_black@...>

I've downloaded the manual from DropBox and it's excellent quality. Thanks Tom, I'm sure this will be invaluable to anyone with a camera. Highly recommended.

Don Black.

On 15-Jan-14 9:29 AM, Tom Jobe wrote:

This morning I scanned the manual for the Tektronix C-50, 51, 52 and 53
Camera Systems.
To make the 91 page document readable the file size ended up at 28 MB, so it
is a bit too big for email.
I uploaded it to the KO4BB manual site, but it will probably be a few days
before it gets posted.
It is also posted to DropBox if any one wants it. I will leave it there for
a week or so.
tom jobe...

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