Re: C50 'scope camera manual needed.

Tom Jobe <tomjobe@...>

Hi Tim,
I have an original manual that I would give you if you lived close enough to pay the postage cost.
But since you are half a world away, how about if I scan it for you?
The manual covers the C-50, C-51, C-52 and C-53 cameras and their accessories, so it would be a good one to put online.
I will try to get it scanned today and post it to KO4BB's manual site.
tom jobe...

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Subject: [TekScopes] C50 'scope camera manual needed.

from Tim P (UK)
I have acqured a C50 camera - anyone know where to find a manual for it?
Nothing on BAMA or TekWiki AFAICS
many thanks.


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