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Don Black <donald_black@...>

Ah! You're a hard man to please. Must have been a B movie ;)

Don Black.

On 13-Jan-14 4:56 PM, Michael A. Terrell wrote:

Don Black wrote:
> Hello Michael,
> I agree with all you say, I'm aware that NTSC is
> the standards committee rather than the colour standard but NTSC is
> what the colour standard has become known as (at least outside the US).
> I take your point about the US colour standard being capable of good
> results if all is well, however if you haven't experienced the two
> systems in operation you don't know just how much "hardier" and more
> stable the PAL system is. It takes truly awful reception to notice hue
> changes with PAL.
> As I said, I have great respect for the development of the NTSC colour
> system , the fact it remained in use for so long speaks volumes.
I've seen PAL TV with PAL video tape. I wasn't impressed.

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