Re: Soldering and epoxying aluminium


I have used Miller Stephenson epoxy 907 to attach to aluminum for heat sinks and
such with good results:

I believe this is the same thing:

I wonder if enough carbon black could be mixed in to make it conductive enough
to be useful. It would be a lot less expensive then the conductive silver
epoxies they have.

On Mon, 13 Jan 2014 15:28:49 +1100, you wrote:

Here is a technique I have used a few times. I mix up some "24 hour
Araldite" - two part retail epoxy which takes about 24 hours at room
temperature to set.

I abrade both surfaces with emery paper ("wet and dry"), apply some
epoxy and then abrade some more. This removes the oxide layer and lets
fresh epoxy bond to the metal. At this point the formerly clear,
somewhat yellow, epoxy becomes opaque and grey.

Then the two surfaces can be brought together. Popping the item in a
not too hot oven for half an hour or so will harden the epoxy without
having to wait a day.

Perhaps this would work with silver-loaded conductive epoxy to make an
electrically conductive joint.

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