Re: CRTs on Ebay


That would be RS-170a.

NTSC had nothing to do with color. The 'National Television
Standards Committee' was created to select the monochrome standard, then
years later they worked to add color without abandoning the existing
monochrome televisions and transmitters. There was nothing wrong with
the clor standard. The problem was with network feeds, or stations that
didn't maintain their equipment properly. The networks were fed with
leased bandwidth over the AT&T microwave network, where any Bellcore
tech could screw with the chroma level or phase at any microwave tower.
VIR & VITS were added which eliminated that problem. The US is much
bigger than the UK, with stations scattered all over the nation, unlike
the UK with centralized transmitters.

If you saw a crappy image in a hotel, it was because they bought the
cheapest TVs they could find, and wouldn't have them repaired if they
got any picture at all. I was a TV broadcast engineer, and once
installed the video & RF wiring in a new motel while in the industrial
electronics business.

People would do the same. New color TV on sale for $149 would sell
out in hours, even if the chroma wasn't aligned properly at the Asian
factory. They wuld complain thatthe color wasn't right, after a new CRT
was installed, because they were so used to crap from a dying CRT. One
customer had the chroma wide open, making everything look like a cheap
comic book. He took a swig of cheap beer and said, "If I'm a payin' fer
color, Is gett'n my money's worth". You can't fix stupid.

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