Changes at Sphere Research for 2014


Changes at Sphere Research Corp.

In 2014, Walter & Susan will both be 65, and this will trigger some changes at Sphere.  Sphere has been supplying Tek, HP and Fluke equipment, repair info and service parts on the net for almost 20 years. We have been slowly phasing out the larger and bulkier equipment, and items like CRTs recently simply because of storage problems, we are completely out of space, and paying way too much for what we have.

In 2014, we will sell, give away or scrap ALL the remaining equipment, and offer only parts and some plug-ins after that time. We have to clear almost 2,000 square feet of rented space (about 5-6 tons), and that's the task for 2014.  We are always happy to see visitors, and in spring, once the snow clears, our customers are welcome to come up and sort through many shelves of un-listed gear we will clear out. All will be very cheap, some will be free. You'll have to see for yourself. We also have hundreds of prime, original service manuals; they also need to go to make space, as we no longer do outside service. They will be dirt cheap. We can ship them, but they are heavy, so best to grab them in person.

We also have millions of components, both through hole and smd, from our design activities, and they need to go as well. We are donating large amount of inventory to schools, colleges and universities, so if you know of anybody that needs parts for their electronics programs, let us know. Sphere will close completely in the fall of 2019, or possibly before, if circumstances change, but that will be the latest. Domains, content and inventory will all be sold or gone by that point. Consider this an early warning alert.

In 2014, our direct phone support will be from >>8:30AM to 11:30am, PST<<, Monday through Friday. It is possible we will be able to provide coverage beyond that, but it's best to plan for morning calls, or live with voice mail. Needless to say, our e-mail is 24/7/365, and is really ideal for most things. Every week or so, we will post a batch of particularly useful Tek, hp and Fluke items to the various lists first, then ebay or our site, and if not gone quickly, we will break them up for parts or scrap them. Once these batches go, that will be it, the material will be gone. Please watch for them to avoid disappointment!

We love what we do, and our customers, but the cost so keeping so much material endlessly available is simply prohibitive, and we have to make the footprint a lot smaller. You can find us at:

All the best,
Walter & Susan

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