Re: Tek 7000 extender card

Don Black <donald_black@...>

Someone recently mentioned they were getting used to Yahoo NEO and were starting to like it.
Well, I've just spent a long time trying to see my groups (this group in particular) and while my group link signs me in I can't find any of my groups. I still hate NEO!!!

Don Black.

On 09-Jan-14 5:11 AM, Craig Sawyers wrote:

> All the links at seem to be dead.
> Mark

Aha. Since the data that ko4bb put that up, my ex-isp had a server crash
and lost my entire site and content. I clearly have not put those files
back on now I am with a sensible ISP.

I've therefore just shoved all the files into a new folder in the Files
section of Tekscopes Yahoo called "Flexible Extender - homebrew". Should be
all self-explanatory. The necessary boards are in umpteen formats, take
your pick.

I did all this about a decade ago, so seriously don't ask me any questions
about this!


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