Re: Oldest working scope wins a new one from Tek

Don Black <donald_black@...>

If they exclude hobbyists without spelling it out in the rules they risk the wrath of misleading advertising, etc. I think if you have the oldest scope they will honor it. After all, they aren't expecting to make huge profits from sales to the winning company, it's all about shouting how pioneering and professional Tektronix is.

Don Black.
I don't think my old 524AD is going to cut it but a fun contest anyway. And look at all the discussion they are getting from it already. Some here do still buy new gear and this can't help further their reputation.

On 19-Dec-13 5:19 AM, alexeisenhut@... wrote:

I think this is meant for a scope in a working company environment, not a hobbyist doorstop/beater.

They want the purchase date which I assume means a PO form from a purchasing department, not an email from Paypal that you won an auction.

I might be wrong, but I don't see a modern company giving away a scope like that to a hobbyist or hoarder...

Sorry, I'm grumpy today because I got woken up early by the snow removal crew.

If I'm wrong I have to ask my parents where my 531 is!

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