How I transform a 5A20N to work in a TM500 mainframe


Hi Philippe,


All three projects at your web page are FABULOUS.

It is always great to see some new ideas turned into professional finished products that anyone at Tek would have been proud to have designed.

Keep up the great work,


Dennis Tillman W7PF


PS Google will automatically translate French to English so language is no problem.


From: nixie@..., Sent: Sunday, December 08, 2013 2:17 PM

Hi everybody,

I am a Tek fan and may be some of you may be interesed by my last plugin works.
Normally the AM50X série for TM500 stops at AM503, I have made a AM504 from a 5A20N vertical oscilloscope amplifier to continue the serie....

I have put all the description on my personal WebSite, so clic on the link to see the item :

Sorry, my site is in French. My english is not perfect but if you have any question, you can post a reply or send me an email and I'll reply to you.

Enjoy it and have a good day....

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