Re: 647 HV transformer

Chuck Harris <cfharris@...>

Tektronix built their transformers in a very expedient
way: The entire transformer, epoxy or wax, was dipped
into the potting tank. So, the beeswax transformers are
covered with beeswax, and the epoxy are covered with a
thin coating of epoxy.

Also, all of the tek beeswax transformers that I can recall
have a pair of reddish brown micarta plates that sandwich
the coil. The epoxy varnished transformers are more compact.

My 545B/547 transformers only have the coil vacuum
impregnated with beeswax.... a lot less messy.

-Chuck Harris

Cliff White wrote:

Is there any way to tell if a Tek transformer has wax or epoxy? I have a small
suspicion that the tranny in my 536 has been replaced -- Possibly with one with
epoxy. Were replacement transformers ever made with epoxy?

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