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Albert, thank you for the reply but I am not referring to  C706a-e, those are in the collector supply box.  I am asking about C318 added with the 122c mod.  My 575 has three capacitors mounted on the back of SW305 (C318a,b,c?), which individually compensate the 50, 100 and 200v/step sweeps but I haven't found any documentation for this.



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You might mean C706 which has been split-up in MOD122C. See the collector supply diagrams at Kurt's Tekwiki, .  You will also find there the pdf describing the MOD122C.


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I meant to include:  In place of the one variable capacitor behind SW305 I have 3 which appear to compensate the 50v, 100v & 200v/step ranges separately.  These do not appear in the manual I have.  Anyone know of a source of the later manual showing these?


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I have just about completed restoration of a 575 mod-122C.  There are two mods at the back of the manual, one replaces R138 with a diode and the other adds a 100M resistor across the anode and cathode of V152B.  Are these mods worth doing?  Are there any other mods (apart from replacing the diodes with silicon which I have already done) which I should consider?

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