Re: Bench mains supply - another attempt

Don Black <donald_black@...>

I'd use a halogen or projector lamp rather than a fuser lamp. They should run with a much higher filament temperature and have a greater cold/hot resistance change. It should be only a couple of ohms when cold (depending on the operating voltage) up to the calculated resistance from power/voltage at full brightness. Since it's reasonable to assume the house fuse can handle using a projector without blowing, the lamp should provide complete protection. Worst case is  a dead shorted load in which case it's the same as just using the lamp.

Don Black.

On 04-Nov-13 12:05 PM, John Griessen wrote:

On 11/02/2013 01:24 PM, edbreya@... wrote:
> Another option if you have enough junk laser printers available, is to use the fuser lamps fromthem - typically around 750-1000W.
> They have nice ceramic mounts, but are kind of long, so trickier to mount and cool within a piece of equipment.

Unless you leave them in the fuser....or just mounted in the fuser roller...

I have an obsolete HP 8550 fuser for sale on craigslist. Maybe I'll keep it instead...:-)

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