Re: Bench mains supply - another attempt

Don Black <donald_black@...>

Something like this . Set eBay search for cheapest first to get past all the new TV projector replacements and you'll find the NOS 16mm movie and 35mm slide projector lamps. You might even find an old slide projector you can get the lamp housing off that will have the socket and physical protection ready made. These are now rapidly becoming obsolete and you might pick one up at a garage sale, etc.

Don Black.

On 02-Nov-13 9:56 PM, Don Black wrote:

You can get projector lamps up to 1000 watt, I bet you'd find some cheap NOS on eBay. Just the old dim bulb trick on steroids.

Don Black.

On 02-Nov-13 8:39 PM, cheater00 . wrote:

Hi Chris,

On Sat, Nov 2, 2013 at 10:06 AM, chris hayes
> Hi Damian
> Apologies if you have already considered this: put an 500Watt halogen bulb in the supply line while testing an unknown load. These have a 10 ohm cold resistance (240 Volt versions), (presumably 5 ohms in USA) If the load becomes shorted it merely puts the light on.
> ChrisH

Yeah, but it's difficult to find a 1000W light bulb (I have some
high-power equipment I need to test) on the one hand and on the other
hand as the load goes up the voltage drops, so for higher loads it's
less than perfect. I could make up the voltage with a Variac but
that's getting complicated.


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