Re: Oscilloscopes used during historical nuclear fusion research


On Fri, Oct 25, 2013 at 8:43 PM, Don Black <> wrote:

I think the scope in the still photo is American. However I believe the
bench of scopes in the first part of the video are Russian (Soviet Union).
If you read the text with it the Russians were the first to develop nuclear
fusion in the fifties, other nations followed much later after the Russians
released their research. Also in one shot of some glass tubes there is
Cyrillic writing clearly visible, a sure sign of it's origins. I tried to
translate it without certainty to DEITERIЙ, it might be the makers name or
perhaps Deuterium (likely) . Anyone here who can read it (ДЕИТЕРИЙ). I think
I've got the first letter right from the Windows character map, it's not
identical, could be the Cyrillic Capital A?
Yep, you're spot on as that says 'Дейтерий', which is Deuterium in Russian.


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