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  What is TeenAstro ?

TeenAstro is a tribute to the FS2 system from Michael Koch. Thanks for this beautifull product!

It is an open source, open hardware do it yourself project.

What can I do with TeenAstro?

TeenAstro is a Telescope controler for Equatorial mounts only.

What is the difference between TeenAstro and ONStep?

ONStep is a very flexible project for Arduino and electronic expert.

TeenAstro is a fork of the ONStep Project with less Feature but easier to build, to configure and to use.

- For a PCB version every user have exactly the same Hardware and Firmware.

- The community is using the same product, in ONSTEP each is different.


Sébastien Durand, Charles Lemaire, Stephan Linhart,

Sébastien Phemoland, Armand Savard, Matthias Schmidt


Howard Dutton, Sebastien Marchand, Khalid  Baheyeldin, 

teemuatlutLutz Niggl, Jürgen Goldan


Further information:   YouTube   GitHub