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WiFi Interface

The WiFi offers two operation modes. AccessPoint and StationMode.
You can switch between this modes in the hand controller.


In this mode TeenAstro works like a wlan router.
You can connect this wlan with any device for example a notebook, smartphone or tablet.
Then you can control TeenAstro for example with SkySafari or ASCOM interface.
Or you can open the Webserver to configure settings.

The AccessPoint mode has a disadvantage.
If you are connected to TeenAstro you have no connection to the Internet.


In this mode TeenAstro is connected to a wlan router.
In this case you connect a notebook to your wlan router as usual.
This has the advantage you get access to TeenAstro and you have a Internet connection as well.
But you have to configure this wlan network before in the Webserver.

This instructions describe an example configuration:

01. Connect to the TeenAstro wlan with a notebook (the password is "password").

02. Open the Webserver and go to tab WiFi. Input "password" to enter the configuration.

03. Now you have to configure "Station mode 0".
      SSID:         Input the name of your router network (in this example "MS home").
      Password: Input the password of your router network.


04. Then click Upload.

05. Leave the Webserver and disconnect your notebook from your TeenAstro wlan.

06. Power Off / On TeenAstro.

07. Take your hand controller and go into Telescope Settings (push shift + W button).

08. Go into menu Wifi > Select Mode. Now here must appear the name of the configured SSID.

09. Select this SSID and confirm with the W button. Now the hand controller will reboot.

10. If you see this icon TeenAstro has a successful connection to your wlan router established.
      If not the wlan signal is to weak and it is out of range.

11. TeenAstro obtain a IP adress from the router.
      Take a look in your hand controller to find out this IP adress.
      Go into Telescope Settings > Wifi > Show IP.

12. Connect your notebook to your wlan router as usual.
      Then open the Webserver by input the obtain IP adress.