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We wanted a new telescope control and replace the old FS2.
We do not found any commercial solution.
But we found a do it yourself project with the name OnStep.
It was the first open source telescope control based on Arduino.

We builded the hardware and did first tests with OnStep.
We were not happy with it. The motor settings were diffcult and there was no hand controller.
All parameters had to be done hard in the source code. But this project had a lot of potential.

We decided to develop and expand this project.
We wanted a more convenient and easy to use telescope control
with a hand controller which can make all settings during operation.

The new hardware 2.0 was finished. We exchanged the stepper driver by another one.
Now it was possible to set the motor current easy and exactly by a value.

We integrated a nintendo nunchuk to move the telescope.
First tests were really pleasant.

A new PCB was in development which contain an optional focuser control.

The new hand controller was finished in the style of FS2.
It has got a high contrast OLED display.

TeenAstro was born a new name for this project.
The new version 2.2 was ready for testing.

After comprehensive testing and debugging TeenAstro runs very stable.
The optional focuser control was completed. The TeenAstro wiki was initialized.
3D printable covers are now available for the hand controller.

TeenAstro was introduced at the AME.
AME is a fair for astronomy technology and it takes place each year in Schwenningen (Germany).
In time for this event the revised version 2.3 was presented.
It was the first public introduction.

TeenAstro became better known. Many people builded a TeenAstro and were happy.
The subscribers of the wiki increased and the contributions too.
TeenAstro has got his own ASCOM driver.
The WiFi interface was extended.
The TeenAstroUploader was developed to upload the firmware easily.

The new version 2.4 was finished. Now the Main Unit became smaller and more powerful.
GPS is now supported.
3D printable cases are standard.

A new huge object catalogue was integrated at the hand controller.
Now TeenAstro supports altazimuth mounts.
A bigger 3D printable hand controller is now available.

TeenAstro was introduced at the ATT.
ATT is a fair for astronomy technology in Essen (Germany).

The 2 and 3 star alignment was implemented.
Furthermore TeenAstro corrects the refraction now.

TeenAstro was introduced at the CCD Workshop.
The CCD Workshop is a huge conference for astrophotography and astronomy technology.
It takes place every two years at the Planetarium Stuttgart (Germany).
It was a success and TeenAstro was in high demand.

A lot of people has contributed this project. Thanks to all and their efforts.
TeenAstro is now a sophisticated telescope control and very appreciated by the users.