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Losmandy G11 kit with bracket

Sebastien has designed this excellent kit for Teenastro with a G11 Mount.

The kit contains all files and parts that are required for modifying a Losmandy G11.

Supported Motor :

Nema17-400 steps are mounted directly on the worm  without  gearbox or belt drive.

The kit support these motors: OrientalMotor PKP244MD15A  and  17HM19-2004S 

These motors have been tested and works very well with TeenAstro.

Motor housing:

Sebastien has made a 3D-printable housing for this 2 motors that doesn't need any mechanical modification on the G11 :

The 3D print design for the 17HM19-2004S can be found here (*.stl)

The 3D print design for the OrientalMotor can be found here (*.stl)

Picture of the OrientalMotor mounted on R.A axis :

Coupling shaft motor/shaft worm

An Huco Oldham coupling is recommended, please adjust the backlash in TeenAstro if needed.

Diameter of the G11 shaft worm : 6.35mm , motor shaft Nema17 :5mm

Reference at Farnell:  

TeenAstro bracket for the G11 Mount

Sebastien has also designed 3D printable bracket for the TeenAstro main unit and the SHC, which is fixed on the pillar of the G11, instead of the old electronic :

The 3d print design can be found here (*.stl)