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Since the version 2.2.0 TeenAstro supports an optional Focuser control.
With this option you can control a motorized focuser very fast, precise and smoothly.

You have to add a second Teensy and a third stepper driver to your Main Unit board.
And you have to attach a stepper motor in bipolar operation to your focuser unit.
Now you can control this focuser about the hand controller or ASCOM interface.
With the hand controller you can push the focuser buttons to focus manually.
You can save positions for an eyepiece or a camera.
There is a Goto Menu. With this you can drive your focuser to a defined position.

Temperature sensor for Focuser

Since the version 2.4.0 TeenAstro supports a temperature sensor for the focuser.
Here are some important information to add a temperature sensor to your TeenAstro Main Unit.

The goal of the temperature sensor is to compensate focus drift due to temperature change.
Currently that feature is not implemented but the TeenAstro Focuser driver reports temperature,
if your ASCOM client application can read and apply a 
temperature compensation then you will
be able to perform the temperature compensation!

The temperature information is visible in the webserver, this is very useful for monitoring.

You need just a temperature sensor. DS18B20

Pins on the board:

Black    X3 Focuser pin 8   (ground)
Yellow   X3 Focuser pin 7   (signal to pin 9 Teensy focuser)
Red      X3 Focuser pin 6   (+5V power supply)

Also you have to solder a 4.7 kOhm resistor on the board.


You can get the temperature information about the webserver.
If it shows -99°C, no sensor is connected, it´s a normal behavior.