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AP400 motor kit

Stephan has designed this excellent kit for Teenastro with an AP400 Mount.

Video on youtube

The kit contains all files and parts that are required for modifying an AP400

Supported Motor :

Nema17  are mounted  without a gearbox and with a belt drive.

The kit support this motors: 17HM19-2004S .

Motor housing:

Stephan has made a 3D-printable housing for this 2 motors that doesn't need any mechanical modification on the AP400 :

The 3D print design for the housing of the Nema 17 can be found here (*.stl)

The 3D print design of the Lid for the Nema 17 can be found here (*.stl)

Picture of the Motor mounted on R.A axis, (the lid is not mounted!)

Coupling shaft motor/shaft worm

Reference at RS-online:  

****Thanks to Stephan for this great Contribution****