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Ti nicO

Good job bro !

Nice board, nice dev 😊



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Hello Charles,

I don't think I have a recommendation, yet.
The display driver boards arrived on the weekend. I finally decided on a DIP switch to configure between SPI and IIC, ePaper and OLED.
Good news is that the DIP switch approach is working. No SMD soldering required. The ESP board powers up the OLED using the new driver board.

Bad news is my display connector should be 24-1 but I made it 1-24. This means that the display cable has to be the wrong way around for now.
Also I got the spacing for the frame cut-outs wrong. Time for version 1.1 of the display driver board.

Second bad news is that the USB connection to the ESP board is unstable. Maybe I need to connect directly to the mainboard and not the USB connector on the PC case.
Third bad news it that the modified TeenAstroSHC does not yet run on the ESP board.

Mühsam ernährt sich das Eichhörnchen.

Best regards,