Re: Building from Sources and Configure for Motors and Motor Controllers?


Thank you very much for your input to both of you, Charles and Fran├žois.

I have two telescope mounts I target to control by TeenAstro. One is a EQ6 with portescap disk magnet motors and the other is an Astrophysics 400 that also has motors mounted already but I don't know yet, what they exactly are. Both mounts have a controller already, but those don't exactly do what we want. So I decided to build a new controller, which we can adapt to what we intend to.
Essentially we aim towards a fully automatic (remote) telescope control. For this I need to understand in detail what the controller does. The way to go here is clearly open source and TeenAstro seems the perfect starting point. Thank you again, Charles, for all the impressive work you have done! I understand that the primary goal of the project is to keep it simple for the people that don't want to fiddle with exotic details, which is certainly a good idea.

Besides of typing LX200 commands to the terminal, I have also tried with the indi driver and the indiprop client and to me it looked like the configuration could be done this way too.
Are you, Fran├žois, the author of the indi driver?
I also thought about writing a configurator program but I don't yet understand the meaning of the configuration points. If you are willing to share your python code that would probably be quite helpful for me.

I did a quick look into the datasheet of the TMC5160 and this looks scary complicated.
It looks like the stepper controller part comes from here:, so I probably have to look there, to understand more, what my motor does.

I have already compiled a list of LX200 commands but I have to review and clean it. Should I post a pull request for that to get it into the git repo?

Of course I'm just beginning and it will take quite some time to get into it and eventually contribute something useful...

Thanks again and best regards

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