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This is a group where we will only have recipes posted on the weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday). 

Group members are encouraged to submit recipes to the group ALL WEEK LONG to be posted for the coming weekend. Every weekend will be a different "theme" so it will be fun to get all kinds of different recipes every weekend. 

There is a posting requirement in this group. All group members need to post three (3) recipes to the group one (1) weekend out of every four (4) consecutive weekends.. Everyone is advised to keep your mail set at "Daily Digest" as to cut down on the bouncing. I will reset you twice and the third time, I will remove you from the group. 


This newest "theme" will be any and all 4TH OF JULY recipes!!!!!   They can be a TNT recipe that you love feeding your family or one that your mom or grandma made for you that you love.  Please be creative with what you post!!! 


** According to the FAIR USE ACT in the Copyright Laws. All recipes shared here are for educational purposes only. ** 

Rhonda in Missouri 

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