Sv.: Re: [Tannoy] Tannoy HPD 315 driver (single) needed #Cheviot

jesper andreasen

You did try swapping the filters yes?

Are the filters original btw?

Ive once encountered a pair of 3lz golds where the seller (from ebay) had fitted a newer wrong type tweeter. And output of that tweeter was clearly lower than that of the original. 
Do the tweeter units look exactly the same?

Where did you buy these speakers?


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Den lørdag, januar 9, 2021, 3:54 PM skrev dannie.burger@...:

Just had a listen, no change in balance after cleaning and centering. 

So I took out the shimms from the tweeter that plays less loud and had a listen. This gives a clear improvement to the output.

Is this an accepted, 'right' way to balance them out?