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If you want tags this is the place to be!! We have all kinds of tags,taggers will make offers,have always lists,and some will even tag your blanks!! No required sends of any kind,just sit back with your drink of choice and enjoy!!  :)

** New rules may be added as needed. If new rules are added you wil be notified ASAP. Everyone is expected to follow group rules, even taggers.

Rules for Taggin' Oasis

1) Only taggers and staff are allowed to send mail
. We are a tag offering group only.  We do not allow shares of any kind. Even if you are a tagger please do not send shares (this includes name tags, comps, etc that taggers made themselves).

2) Taggers must tag at least twice a month or if they cannot they need to tell the owner if they need more time. If taggers do not tag at least twice a month they won't be allowed to tag anymore until they get the owner's permission.  

3 If anyone has a problem tell the owner or leave the group. Do not ever post it to the group. This will get you banned. Respect each other always. If someone is bothering you tell the owner, mod or leave the group. 

4) When requesting tags always, always follow taggers rules. Rules will be different for each tagger. If you don't follow taggers rules you may not get a tag(s) .Taggers are under no obligation to tag for you if you break their rules or don't pick up tags.  

5) When pickup notices are sent please pick up your tags ASAP. The tagger may need the space. Even if on a taggers always list don't assume that your tags will always be there and there's no hurry to go and get them. This is not true- yours tags may be deleted if the tagger needs the space.

If tags are sent that you don't like just delete and move on.  DO NOT write the tagger complaining. If tags are made for the always list that you don't like don't save that tag.  DO NOT write the tagger complaining.

7) Taggers when sending pickup notices please put in the subject line if it's a pickup notice for an always list. For example: always list pickup. Whatever else it says in the subject line is fine but please put if it's for your always list. This will help members know and it will also help management to know if you're tagging for your always list or not. Management will keep track of how many times per month taggers tag and if it's less than two times per month they will demoted from tagging unless they told management they need more time,

8)  If a tagger has an always list and you're on it if you leave the group your name(s) will be removed from the always list. Taggers will not continue making tags for you after you leave. That's not what an always list is!

9) Taggers please let management know if you're leaving the group. If you are a tagger and have an always list but don't want one anymore please tell management so we can delete your database. You may offer tags for request if you like or you may choose not to tag at all. Either way please have the courtesy to tell us.  If you need a break from tagging please inform management.

10) Taggers will get tags back to you when tags are completed. Remember their REAL life come first and tagging is not their job, they do it in their free time. 



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