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Rob Sherwood

The top receivers today are so good that the next area that needs serious work is the transmitted signal.  Except for predistortion (PureSignal) available from Apache and Warren Pratt, and a couple of Yaesu class A rigs (if zero ALC and processing is run), all transmitters today are worse than a Collins 32S-3 as far as transmit IMD.  Some rigs are very poor as to transmitted broadband noise.  Key clicks are still an issue, as many OEMs let the user select a 1 or 2 millisecond rise time.  What will it take to get the OEMs to provide cleaner transmitters?


Rob, NC0B


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I have also owned most of the Kenwood HF transceivers including the 450, 850, 870 and 590. Then we turn the clock back further to the extremely popular 820 and 830 hybrid radios - both of which I still own and enjoy using due to their wonderful, quiet receiver sections due to lack of synthesizer noise. Not a bad one in the bunch but clearly they’ve gotten better and better with each model introduction, culminating in the 990/890/590 series. Not sure how much better hobbyist transceivers can become short of moving towards changing from superhet RX design to pure SDR. Let’s hope Kenwood will hang in there making traditional knob radios for those who prefer those over SDR “black boxes” and PC keyboards. 


Bob K3AC


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The TS850 was a great radio, especially with filters. I went from 850 to 870 to 590. No comparison. 590 incredible radio, especially in CW mode.

Steve N4JQQ

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 One thing that I have noticed
 from this interesting thread as in many others that I have
 come across is that no-one ever mentions the Kenwood TS-850
 series.  So I am very much interested in hearing your
 perspective of this transceiver.  Why has it been lost in
 conversations, was it good, bad, average?  What was wrong
 with this TS-850 series radio from your perspective?
 I notice people will mention
 the TS-820, TS-870, TS-2000, 590, 990


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