WW1 , WW2 and Modern TO&Es !Greetings!

This group is for the discussion, collecting and sharing of TO&E's (Tables of Organization and Equipment) and OOB's (Orders of Battle) used - or proposed for use - by nations from the 1900's onward. While the primary areas of focus are WW1, WW2 and current armed forces, we do not exclude other conflicts and countries within the 20th and 21st centuries.

Our membership is open to all but we ask that you post in English so that everyone may participate. When replying to a post, please trim any surplus text in order to make it clear to what you are replying.

This group is geared for factual TO&E's rather than wargaming rules units. Information located here may be used to help design wargames rulesets, but we ask that you credit this group, as well as the author.

It is our intent to promote an open, flame-free forum where members can freely discuss and research the subject matter with others from around the world. To that end, we ask that you do not discuss politics except in such cases where a political concern directly affected the make-up of a nation's armed forces. Any other political discussion is expressly prohibited as there are plenty of other online forums for debating the merits and justifications of national politics.

Additional files are stored at & but all discussions take place on this group.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Due to UK/EU laws regarding unsolicited e-mail, promotions of new products or companies is forbidden. In order to keep members' e-mail boxes as spam free as possible, we request that you provide a little detail about why you wish to join - as many spambots create ambiguous messages. As a further courtesy to our 3000 members, new members will be moderated , but as we have moderators located around the globe, you should see little or no delay in your postings.

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