Unlocking TMD-700AG & Software

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Hello Leoanrd , now that you have the unlocking information per your
request by Yono YD0NXX , here is a program that works well with that radio.
The program detailed below is no longer available by the author. It may
have gone into the public domain. Software exists to register the
program with your name and call. Google may still provide sources for
the program, and the program to register it.

Link700 is a program that will allow users of Kenwood transceivers that
support computer data transfer to download all the data settings and
memories of their radio, edit and modify data, upload the data, and save
settings to a disk file.


* Support for TH-D7, TM-D700 , TM-G707, TH-F6/7, TS-480 and TS-2000
* Multiple "profiles" may be opened at a time. Makes it easy to
duplicate TH-D7 and TM-D700 memories files in to each other. Same
for TS-480 and TS-2000.
* "Smart Upload" feature. Keeps track of data you have modified and
allows you to upload only the data that has changed, a real time saver.
* Data in menus are organized in the same order as in the radio menus,
so data fields are easy to find.
* Cut-n-paste blocks of channels. You can move frequencies around
within the channel space of the radio -or- copy to another profile.
You can even copy from one type of radio to another, e.g. from a
TH-D7 to a TM-D700, or vice versa.
* Drag-n-drop channel copying.
* Sort blocks of channels by frequency or name.
* Import frequencies from ARRL's "Travel Plus for Repeaters"*.
* Edit a file from "Travel Plus for Repeaters"*.
* "Quick" Time Set for TM-D700
* "Quick Message". Type in an APRS message and send it to the radio(
TM-D700 and TH-D7).

73 from Bill - WD8ARZ South Bend, Indiana
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On 11/19/2015 9:43 PM, Leonard.Keepers@comcast.net [TMD700A] wrote:
Hello group i did something that i have never done with my 700a snip
snip Thank You
Leonard KB3NL