Two problems with wireless/ TNC Resets

DL2RUM <dl2rum@...>

I have the same problem. I've found out, that this will happen, when I 've
tuned to a digipeater and there is binary traffic on it.
When somebody is up- or downloading binary datas in the chanel no monitor or
dx - announcements catching is possible, due to the steady resets.
I have informed Kenwood Germany, but no response yet. (4 weeks)

Secondly, and this can happen whether I'm using UHF or not. The radio just
drops out of TNC mode, the TNC and BCON indicators vanish and the frequency
numerals change to being large as they do when the TNC is turned off. It
will stay like this for a few seconds and then it drops back into "Opening
TNC" mode, and is back to normal.

Has anyone else noticed anything like either of these, or got any ideas?


Keith Maton, G6NHU