TM-D710A Side B goes deaf - requires power cycle

John Huggins


A new problem exists in my many years old TM-D710A transceiver. Some information:
  • Band A (left) set to APRS - 144.390 MHz.
  • Band B (right) set to local repeater - 147.165+ with 167.9 Hz tone - memory channel 10.
  • Tone is set to transmit on B side transmit for repeater access.
  • CTCSS is on B side receive.
  • Squelch is down on B side as CTCSS works well.

Occasionally when listening to the repeater the B side simply stops receiving anything. I manually cycle the various tone options and nothing changes. I cycle through memory channels and nothing changes. There is signal shown on the S meter, yet no amount of fumbling yet has re-enabled receive. It seems to happen about once a day. Cycling power with the power button cures it and I don't seem to have a problem any more that day.

I'll add the battery in the display is dead as I have to set the clock manually when I care about it... which is almost never.

Anyone else seen this behavior?  If I cannot figure it out I will purchase a replacement and put this to other uses, but figure it cannot hurt to ask the brain trust here.



John, kx4o