TM-D700A will not receive and beeps when changing frequencies


Hi all, I will try my best to describe this radio's problems to you. I was using my radio on band B one day and I noticed that it would go completely deaf after transmitting, or emit a beep when I keyed the mic. If I keyed the mic a couple of times I could get the receive to come back, but it was getting progressively worse. I then noticed that if I changed frequencies on band B, there would be a short "beep" after one second, and the receiver would be deaf with no squelch function but the "BUSY" indicator would be on. All the while this was going on, band A was fine because I was transmitting APRS weather packets. I looked at the service manual and started looking around at the "data" sections because I knew the receiver (and transmitter) was working, although intermittently. I threw a couple of parts at it, most notably IC302, with no success. I put it aside for the past year and decided I would try to repair it again. The only problem now is that the A side does the same exact thing - no RX, BUSY indicator is on, and there is a "BEEP" after one second when changing frequency on either band. I do vaguely remember the A side starting to give me the issue when I looked at it last time, and is probably why I put it away. I'm wondering if the PLL is out of lock, or the VCO has an issue on both bands? I cant find anything on the web that describes what this dreaded beep means. The rig has been reset to factory settings multiple times so I know it's not a radio setting. Any ideas or solutions?